12+ Educational Websites That Every Mechanical Engineer Should Know

12+ Educational Websites That Every Mechanical Engineer Should Know

Finding great resources for high-quality industry news, simple explanations of various concepts, and exciting posts is a hard thing to do. But thankfully we found some of the best websites for mechanical engineers! Scroll down and enjoy it!

1. Edx

Edx is one of our favorite resources out there as it gives aspiring and seasoned engineers the opportunity to learn new concepts via courses online course led by top-tier institutions and instructors. Most resources are free on Edx. However, some paid resources offer engineers the opportunity to get certificates and even "micro-master degrees".

2. eFunda

This is a great source of help for mechanical engineering students. Tons of different materials to study, equations, formulas, and other areas of math, calculators to use for free, and even a forum to ask fellow engineers for help and advice. There is also an option to become a member. Monthly membership costs 10 dollars and with it, you can gain access to calculators, engineering processes, design guidelines, formulas, unit conversion; basically, the site provides various academic resources that will support your learning process.

3. How Stuff Works

This blog/online publication does not only focus on engineering but on all parts of life as well, such as finance, lifestyle, culture, and entertainment. As the name suggests, every article explains how something works in the world – a great source of information for all!

4. Eng-Links

A source of engineering tools, such as calculators and metric charts, resource links, and lots of information on software for engineers. If you are looking for a regular industry magazine to read, check them out as well – there is a top 10 list of the best magazines in engineering as well as other publications. The site provides 3 main services: tutoring, workshops, and web resources. If you're an undergraduate who's having issues with school curriculum or simply have some questions, the site's staff can help you out.

5. ThomasNet

ThomasNet is a single platform for buyers and suppliers to find each other. Anything from CAD 3D models to actual physical components – look no further! Even though this website is mainly focused on companies, it can also be used by people attending university programs as well as those who love mechanical engineering. You can easily connect with any manufacturing company and buy optimal tools or equipment for your garage project.

6. Access Engineering Library

Whatever the engineering subject you are studying is, you will find relevant books, videos, and tools on this great platform. No need to spend thousands of dollars on course materials that you’ll have to throw out at the end of the semester – just find a digital version online. Besides mechanics, you can also find various other topics such as energy, industrial, electronics all of which should help your education.

7. MatWeb

This is a truly amazing resource for material database allowing you to search by trade name, manufacturer, or the material itself. There are also lots of technical tools which you can apply to your work.

8. iMechanica

iMechanica offers engineers the opportunity to use the internet to enhance communication among mechanicians. There is a healthy amount of relevant information freely available and that is constantly updated.

9. American Society of Mechanical Engineers

It might be an American organization but it would still be helpful to many engineers all over the globe: read a few articles on the topic most interesting to you, enter a competition or come to one of their events if you are located close. ASME is great if you're interested in domestic and international news and events, competitions, and training.

10. Grabcab

This great resource has lots of various courses for engineering students of all stages – from the basic to more advanced. They also offer users the opportunity to take tests before your exams to make sure you are all prepared and ready to pass.

11. Instructables

The ultimate DIY website at your fingertips. Looking for a place to test your engineering skills or a place to gain insight? There are thousands of projects on Instructables for people of all ages and skill levels.

12. Engineering Toolbox

Think of Engineering Toolbox as the perfect guidebook to have in your Rolodex. Engineering Toolbox packed to the brim with important engineering concepts, diagrams, and definitions that are easy to understand.

13. Traceparts

Traceparts features a healthy dose of 3D models, CAD files, and 2D drawings. What is even better is that this resource is free, easy to navigate, and perfect for those who need a collaborative resource.

14. Coursera

Coursera is on par with Edx offering people at all engineering levels the opportunity to learn new things or to build on previous skills. Not only is the website easy to use and packed with great content, but courses are also led the real-world professors. If you need to polish up your core math skills, Coursera has some of the best math courses on the web. Even more so, there are some costly but extensive engineering Masters programs on the website.

15. is a project-oriented website created specifically for mechanical engineering. Created by B-Tech Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, Sachin Thorat, the website has hundreds of projects for almost every area of mechanical engineering. The machine design and thermal engineering project sections are some of our favorites. If you are interested in the area of manufacturing technology, there are well over 100 projects just in is section. Whether you are an aspiring mechanical engineer looking for a project or a veteran, this resource is perfect for you. As mentioned by Sachin Thorat, "My only motive to create this portal is to motivate other mechanical engineering students by my innovative project ideas, design, models and videos."

What is your favorite website for mechanical engineers?

Please share your thoughts in the comments! Also, for more exciting information regarding engineering be sure to stop by here.

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