How to prepare delicious grilled oysters

How to prepare delicious grilled oysters

Chop and fry until crispy 2 slices of bacon

Slice the ,jalapeno. Remove the seeds and membrane if you can't take the heat

Dice the jalapenos

Chop the spinach

Grate the cheese

Prepared Ingredients for the stuffing

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and set in refrigerator.

Shuck the oysters being careful to remove any shell. Detach the oyster and leave in its juice in the deeper half of the shell. Depending how good a shucker you are go ahead and start the grill on high

Arrange the oysters on a cookie sheet. Smaller oysters can be added together in a single shell. Mound about a tbsp of the stuffing on top.

Oysters ready to grill

Arrange on grill with tongs carefully as to not spill any of the toppings.

Cover oysters with foil and close grill for several minutes.

They're ready when the cheese melts and they're bubbly around the edges.. Take care removing as the shells are incredibly hot!

Enjoy with a cold Chardonnay! Any bits of burnt cheese around the edges of the shells are a delicacy not to be missed.

Watch the video: Grilled Oysters on the Half Shell (January 2022).