How to make a mint julep (from mint syrup)

How to make a mint julep (from mint syrup)

It helps to have copious amounts of fresh mint growing in you back yard. Short of that, hit you grocery store or local farmer's market. You need enough for the mint syrup and garnish for 8 drinks.

Mint Syrup: You'll need to start by preparing a simple mint syrup. I've separated out about 15 of the larger mint leaves (to the right). 1cup water and 1 cup sugar.

Save the flowers (tops) of the mint bunches for garnish. Here I picked off the tops and placed in a bowl of water. Into the fridge for later..

Combine water and sugar in a medium sauce pan...

Bring to a boil for only a few minutes...

Chop or tear your mint leaves into even pieces (about a quarter inch shown here).

Remove syrup from heat, then add your chopped mint. Don't boil the mint leaves. The hot syrup will be enough to break down the delicate mint leaves.

Mash with a wooden spoon...

Pour into a mason jar or other container with a tight lid. Let cool in the refrigerator overnight to let the mint flavors mix with the syrup.

Making the cocktail: You'll need crushed ice, a good quality bourbon and Collins glasses. Tradition is a metal cup but who has those? Note: I transferred my syrup to a cruet to make it easy to pour.

Add a couple mint leaves and one ounce syrup to each glass.

Next, fill the glass with crushed ice. Add two to four ounces of bourbon (depending on level of summer daze you're after). Add two ounces of water.

Stir with a straw or swizzle stick. Garish with the aforementioned mint flower (tops). Serve. This is a drink that actually gets better as the ice melts. Sip and relax with it.

Watch the video: How to Make a Mint Julep (January 2022).