How to make eisbein smoked pork knuckle

How to make eisbein smoked pork knuckle

One small pork knuckle per person or a big one can be shared

Get a big pot and and add water

Get some fanta of you cant find this brand use any orange flavour


Pepper corns

Star anise

Pickle spice if you can find this look for some Juniper berries

Brown sugar

And finally some bay leafs mix it all together

Add the knuckle make sure it is covered with the Liquid at all times

Bring to the boil and the let simmer for a few hours i let mine go for 4.5 hours

After its done take it out and let it cool

Score the skin with a sharp knife be sure not to cut in to the meat

Get some butter


Brown sugar

Mix it all together

Brush on to the meat

After 15 min at 220°c remove from the oven

Brush with the mixture again

This needs mustard

Get e few divert one

When everything is nice and crispy 45-60 mins Your ready to enjoy

Serve with some sauerkraut and potatoes in butter and parsley and enjoy!!!

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