How to lasagna style swiss chard lebanese cuisine

How to lasagna style swiss chard lebanese cuisine

The idea of preparing this dish: layering leaves and stuffing alternatively is the ease of it. Bit also and most important you can use much more greens and garbanzo beans than the rolled version

One leaf. A bundle ( in France will have 12-14 leaves)

Cut out the green part. 2 bundles should render 800-950 g leaves

The night before. Soak 300 g dried garbanzo beans. They will yield 600 g boiled. You can always get already boiled garbanzo beans

600 gm boiled or u can open a jar or a can. Sometimes I do on emergency

200 g round rice not washed. Keep all the starch. It will hold it together

Prepare the stuffing. 2 bunches parsley, 1 bunch mint, 2 diced pnions 3 diced tomatoes. Mix. Add spices & salt + 2TBsp of olive oil & 1 lemon juice. Add the cooked garbanzo beans and the rice.

3 pealed tomatoes pealed and sliced crosswise

Arrange the on the base of your cooking pit

Layers the ingredients. Start with a thick base. (5 leaves) this is going to n your top tater when cooked and inverted in the serving dish. Keep alternating leaves and stuffing. Finish with leaves.

Put a plate or 2 on top and press it down. Add 1/2 cup of water, 1 more lemon juice 2 TBsp I've oil salt and of course 2 pepperoncini. .cook on low heat 1 hr or more. Checking for water now an then.

When it is done and all the liquid is absorbed. Leave to cool. And unmould by inverting it on a round flat dish. It it is not a perfect round. You can arrange it by hand and press to level it around

Cut like a cake and serve.

The slice should look like that

Or you can arrange the slices separated. May be easier to serve

If you have a big party buffet. You can just disperse them to be served like a rice dish.

And if you choose you can add the tomatoes for color. Delicious. To be served cold. Or room temperature

Watch the video: Layer up this Fall by assembling Chef Ricardos healthy lasagna (December 2021).