How to create a braided summer ponytail

How to create a braided summer ponytail

This can work on almost any hair length and thickness :) you can curl your hair before to give it a little more volume. Comb hair out till it's silky and smooth!

Rat hair at the crown of your head to give it a little volume

But don't rat it too much... Just a little :)

Take hair from one side and split it into three strands

Proceed to do a French braid, only pulling strands from the bottom of the braid

Only from the bottom :)

When you get to about here....

Finish out the braid to the bottom of the hair and put a small ponytail in it to hold it there.

Do the same thing on the other side :)

Like this!

Gather hair into a ponytail...

And ponytail it all up!! Then take the small elastics out of the braids and comb it out

Take a section if hair from the bottom of the ponytail about the thickness of your thumb,

And braid it down to the bottom.

Then wrap it around the ponytail holder like this!

And pin it in well, so it will stay :)

You can now curl the ponytail, or just rat it to give it a little more volume :)

And it looks like this!

And this!

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