How to makefrench press coffee

How to makefrench press coffee

Pour water and turn on the stove

Get your grinder, although I'm using Hamilton Beach "Custom Grinder"

Use any beans u like

Pour the beans into your grinder

I only fill it up to the metal rim

Set the grinder to percolator

Set it for 4 cups

Make sure its shut...And now we are ready to grind!

Press and let the grinding begin!

Look at it work! ^_~

Ok, here is the finished product.

Get your coffee press. I'm using bodum brand coffee press.

Dry it up, and pull the top off to the side.

Pour the coffee into the coffee press

Like so :)

Make sure the kettle is chirping lol, that should be super hot, so handle with care.

Pour hot water into the coffee press

Full it up half ways

Then attach the top on and fill the rest, now careful you might have to press and pull gently to get the rest of the water in. Again DO NOT PRESS ALL THE WAY DOWN!.. Just enough to get water in...

Once it's filled, it should look like this

Leave the coffee do its magic for 5 mins.

Press gently , might have to use two hands, to hold the top. Was kind of hard with the other taking pictures lol...

Wha-law! Fresh coffee yum!!

Pour it to your favorite cup! And add anything you like to ur coffee , I like just milk and coffee no sugar! Thanks for checking out the guide! ENJOY!

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