How to make chiles rellenos

How to make chiles rellenos

Rub some oil on the peppers...

Roast peppers compleately

When u reamove the peppers from the heat place them in a plastic bag.

Let peppers sit in the bag for about 5 min so that the peppers get soft . this will make peppers easier to peel.

Peel pepper and make a small cut to remove seeds

Now get your chicken ready. You can also use beef, or cheese .

Stuff the pepper well with the chicken

As you can see i used a toothpick close the peppers back up. When the pepper is stuffed cover them with flour. This will help the egg stick to the pepper.

Separate the yolk and egg whites . How many eggs depends on how many peppers and the size of them. In this case i made 6 chiles rellenos and still had a little egg left over.

First beat the egg whites

This is how they should look when ready.

Add yolk

When the mix is ready, cover the peppers well

And add to hot pan with hot oil

Turn pepper until egg is cooked well

Chiles rellenos ready!!. ;)

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