How to paint your toenails in the spirit of halloween

How to paint your toenails in the spirit of halloween

These are the colors I'll be using. Glitter polish is optional. Go ahead and apply your base coat to all toe nails.

I start with the green and paint the whole of every other toenail. Then apply a yellow line at top of other blank nails.. It can be messy, the orange will look better going next to the yellow.

Start with your left pinky toe and paint a black "hair line" on the green nails. Paint a orange strip across the middle of your yellow nails, underneath the yellow. Clean up smudges as you go.

Make a little nail color palette with a notepad paper, drop some white color onto it and cut off a tip from your cue tip for the next step.

Dip the circle shaped tip into the white paint and use it to make eyes on your green nails for eyes. Use your white polish(with a brush) and swipe the white line at the tip of your candy corn nails.

Make a yellow paint drop and go over the yellow on your candy corn nails to brighten or fix any lines. Repeat with orange and white.

Use your black to make mouths and pupils for your Frankenstein nails. For the mouths just make 3 vertical lines, then add a horizontal line going through them.

Wait until nails are COMPLETELY dry! This is important so your colors don't run or streak when going over them. Add glitter polish over your toes if you wish. If not, just apply 1-2 coats of topcoat.

Enjoy your festive toenails! Happy Halloween!

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